About us

Everything started

with a dream to save our planet for future generations.

Studio Fabel was born out of the frustration that we who inhabit the earth can do so much better for our home planet. Questioning why we embrace picking up carbon from the earth only to burn it, maintaining systems that destroy the web of life, and why we as people seem to be content with it all.

Out of the ashes of displeasure and disappointment, Studio Fabel arose with the credo of people first in order to save our planet. Aspiring to drive sustainability and empowerment where people and technology intersect, and drive positive change for both people and planet. We want to make an measurable impact.

Today we start small and focus on sustainable digital experiences. With our people first mindset, open-mindedness and lust for experimentation, we strive to deliver excellence without fixating on perfection.

We are more than a company. We're a movement that brings the world together.