Our Promises

We want to bring the world together, through the power of play. With the ambition to leave a lasting footprint that can inspire tomorrow's imagination. We love creating & sharing fantastic worlds with you to experience and discover at your own pace.

We are genuinely committed to upholding universal human rights and caring for the world as defined by our promises. Which is why we are committed to the UN Global Compact principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These principles and goals are the baselines for how we operate. They feed into how we create inspiring and intriguing worlds and games for you and future generations.

Icon for our Play Promise

Play Promise

Our goal is for you to have fun! We aim to offer and share inspiring and uplifting board game experiences for both beginners and dedicated board game enthusiast alike. Our focus is games that are both easy to learn and hard to master. Games that won’t take hours to finish and with a high replayability so you can enjoy them over and over again. Games that last for generations, in regards to gameplay and quality, with a minimal environmental footprint.

Icon for our People Promise

People Promise

We embrace diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity wholeheartedly, both within our team and within our community at large. We are at our best when every person feels respected, included, safe, and heard. The best experiences happen when we all can be ourselves.

Icon for our Planet Promise

Planet Promise

We do everything we can to heal the world and make the world a better place for future generations. We strive to be carbon positive, meaning that we want to remove more carbon emissions than we create. To help build a better tomorrow, we are also donating 1% of our earnings to remove carbon through Stripe Climate.

Icon for our Privacy Promise

Privacy Promise

We see privacy as a fundamental human right that your other rights depend on. That is why we will never track your internet activity across our digital presence or allow anyone else to do it. We only collect your information when you give it to us willingly, and keep it safe until you delete it yourself or ask us to.