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We create games that are easy to pick up and hard to master.

Board games comes in all shapes and forms. They can be complicated and time consuming, making it hard for every day people to pick them up and get going. By making it easy to start playing, we can put you in a position of power and understanding. From that moment on, you are part of the movement that breaks down barriers.

Our Story

We have played and loved all kinds of boardgames and card games before it was cool. With Node17 games we want to give you games that we’ve loved to design and play. We always aim for uplifting game experiences, empowering you and your gamepadres to get together and achieve wondrous things.

We think that sharing is an importans part of the board game scene. That's why we'll also share our thoughts and knowledge about games and game design here on our blog.


You are the superstar and deserve to shine brightly. Over the years we have picked up loads of knowledge about games, game design, project delivery and much more. It's time for us to give back and that's the idea behind our Membership programme here at Node17 Games.

The membership is all about making sure that you enjoy games more and help connect you with other engaged gamers. We will offer lots of insights and opportunities to help shape our games to the paid members.